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Hello Critical Thinkers!

My name is Richelle Bryan and I am an Apologist and Street Evangelist with a heart for engaging people for Christ. Born and raised in New York City to Jamaican and Jamaican British immigrant parents, I am well acquainted with a lot of the hopes, challenges, and questions of those in the urban space. I also recognize the need for more Christian resources that don’t assume the reader or listener exists in a suburban, middle class, Western reality. In short, if we claim the gospel is all encompassing the church needs to show itself relevant. That means addressing traditionally safe topics as well as addressing the often avoided but important controversial topics. Far from being a new concept, we see examples of this in the New Testament where central figures like Jesus and Paul the Apostle embrace controversy while evangelizing in the 1st century urban spaces of the Roman Empire.

In 2018 I earned my Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics at Talbot School of Theology – Biola University and completed my second year of teaching Apologetics at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. This followed over a decade of street evangelism on the sidewalks of New York City and New Jersey, and evangelistic conversations around the globe during missions and leisure travel. I’ve been blessed with a burden for seeing saints and skeptics use their hearts and minds to ultimately draw closer to Christ. I also long to see the body of Christ display the love of Christ we should be known for to each other within our Christian family, and to the world. My hope is that this space would facilitate honest dialogue, judgment free questioning, and an exchange of ideas and viewpoints with the aim of getting to the truth together about who God is and what he desires for us.

In addition to producing Apologetics material and evangelizing I work full time in philanthropy helping nonprofits learn, grow and serve well. I previously worked in Insurance primarily in the actuarial field, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics. I also love to travel, watch independent films and cycle outdoors when I need a break from all this intense-ness!